About MLS San Luis Obispo

Hi there and welcome to my website on my love affair with San Luis Obispo, CA.

It truly is the best place to live not just in California but the entire USA. It’s so beautiful that even Oprah once showcased it on here show shared how she to believe that it was the best place to live in America.

Can you ask for a more perfect town?

It’s incredibly diverse, the climate is just perfect year around. Crime rates are super low. There is a good job to be had and it is home to one of the best engineering colleges in the nation.

If you ever visit the downtown area of San Luis Obispo you will see what so many people come around the world to see. It’s small but beautiful shops and downtown area are attractions many come to see from all over the world.

We have amazing hiking trails like that attract all types of people, the young and the old, the people in shape and those looking to get in shape. We have restaurants that are world class and smaller restaurants for those on a budget. 

This is what this entire website and blog all about. I created it to share my love affair with the town and share with everyone why this place is so awesome. Feel free to look through the site and see why I love SLO (as many like to call it) and maybe you can add a little love to the site with your comments and suggestions.